Memory and remembrance

As a note to myself:

It seems to me memory is a quality central to any spiritual path.

We are so fortunate to even have a few, preeminent, mantric songs about memory.

Without memory one ultimately would lose the intangible teachings that marked one’s life.

True, the spirit of those teachings will forever belong to all seekers. But the subtly unique, unparalled touches the Master offered to his disciples in person will be lost, if the disciples will not nurture that living memory.

Memory should not be taken for granted.

It can fade away, like physical fitness when one does not exercise.

It is a quality that needs to be cultivated with love, devotion and gratitude, every day.

I have been witnessing gaping holes in the memory of some dear friends. It worries me, as they seem to get larger over time.

That can happen to me as well. Some sacred utterances from our Master’s lips still resonates inside me, I can remember them as vividly as the time I heard them. Some sacred moments are etched inside me, like star-flames.

But I wonder how much memory I am also losing.

It certainly does not help to alter, change – even remove – the sacred environments that were supposed to permanently mark our lives, until their end.

Of course, down the sweep of centuries absolute permanence is probably not meant to be.

Still, one wonders how could one’s memory be affected by altering the sacred spaces around us, those spaces supposed to feed our devoted memory while still we abide this very incarnation.

I do venerate our heart’s memories.

I feel we need to do our best to keep it alive, to pass it on, in its pristine oneness to our spiritual brothers.

On earth, anything left un-cared for becomes first unusable, then broken, finally lost.

Let us hope that is not the fate of what was given to us to care for and preserve, as long as divinely possible.

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