Reading «Ten thousand Flower-Flames»

I am about to reach the end of Ten thousand Flower-Flames.

What an epic journey, reading through that supreme series of Mantras each day for several months.

It felt like solid power, light and beauty were pouring down, purifying, strengthening, illumining, evolving Divine with fastest speed.

I realised how important it is to read them in sequence.

There are so many priceless jewels there, once could just open randomly to any page and reap priceless spiritual wealth.

But reading them in sequence unveals secret treasures, that one would not be able to access otherwise.

Reading those Mantras in sequence builds momentum up to a sacred inner space with the richest harvest.

I am so inspired by these poems! I would immediately start to study them from the beginning once again.

But Twenty-seven thousand Aspiration-Plants is waiting by the shrine, and Seventy-seven thousand Service-Trees is coming out soon.

We are such fortunate seekers, to be able to read and study these three Series.

One feels the deepest meaning of life in them. One feels the Supreme’s Touch.