Do not delay, do not hesitate

At times it may feel wise to wait before executing an action.

In so many ways the mind can justify that lag, between the inner feeling something must be done, and the outer unfolding of that determination.

It could be a wish to look around for more choices, or «to shop for better deals», to optimise a situation or just to procrastinate, seeing what may happen.

But when the inner or outer command comes, «Do it», it always means right now.

One could think, «Let me look around a bit more, I could save so much time, or money, or effort, for the mission.» But, to save that bit of time, money, or effort, one will kill the priceless opportunity that must be taken right then and there.

That attitude’s real name is hesitation, if not its sister insecurity.

The experience of countless times says, the price to pay for that lag is always so high, too high.

So many times I saw the ultimate fruits of an action rejected as faulty, because of that initial hesitation.

At times it would lead even to complete failure of the plan, action or vision.

At times, even the mere inner presence of hesitation, not even its outer expression, would destroy the potentialities of service.

The Divine would just wait and see. Then, compassionately smile and walk away.

As a note to myself: never hesitate.

Never, never wait for a better deal, for better days, for a more auspicious time.

When the command comes, do it with no hesitation, no delay whatsoever.

Do not walk, just run until the whole action is unfolded and offered at the Feet of the Supreme.

That is the way we were carefully taught by our Master.