Four common traits of Yoga

Sri Chinmoy says Yoga encompasses many Paths, all leading to the Source.

In RSG 14 he writes that there are three principal paths:

  • Bhakti Yoga: the path of devotion
  • Karma Yoga: the path of action
  • Jnana Yoga: the path of knowledge

Also, in Jnana Yoga, the branch that deals with mysticism is called Raja Yoga.

It seems to me that while each path has unique aspects, a few aspects are common to all paths:

  • Guidance of the Inner Pilot
  • Self-discipline
  • Strict celibacy
  • No intoxicants

I do not know much other paths, but I would feel like advicing a sincere seeker to be careful to deal with a path where any one of those four common traits would be missing.

Many paths, like ours, also advice the seeker to follow a vegetarian diet.