Daily schedule

Recently I was asked if I am following any kind of schedule.

At the present, this is my daily schedule:

4:30 Wake up
5:00 Meditation
7:00 Breakfast
7:30 Work
11:30 Meditation
12:00 Walk and lunch
13:00 Reading
14:00 Work
20:00 Meditation
22:00 Sleep

I have been following the same structure in my day for the past 15 years, since when we started serving with Vasudeva Server. I may have skipped it perhaps a few dozen times, though, when I was traveling or unwell.

Differences between now and 15 years ago:

  • I can still work 8 hours a day, but earlier on I was able to work longer hours.
  • I have been gradually waking up earlier (in early 2000s I was waking at 5:50).
  • Recently I have added running to my schedule, although, for now, it is not every day.

What I would like to do differently?

  • I would like to run more, and to run every day.
  • I would like to sleep less.