Moving to other places

A few times good friends wished for me to move to a different place or country, perhaps with larger centres, or where living expense would be less.

Every time I seriously considered it.

My real home is Jamaica, New York. Other places are just the same to me, that is, «not home».

I just need a private space where I can work properly for about 10 hours a day and follow the schedule I have been following since 2002.

So, location is not important. True, expense is a big concern for me. But spiritual stability is the foremost concern, and that is true for all of us.

In the past, a few times I considered moving to a different place, like Prague, Berlin, or even St. Petersburg. But I realised that, in any case, it should be a place where I can speak and understand the native language pretty fluently. I know that living where I wouldn’t be able to connect to the native language would negatively affect me.

I could perhaps move to England or New Zealand, or perhaps South Africa or Australia.

The question is, how does one know if his spiritual intensity and discipline would improve, or instead diminish?

Every time that question comes in meditation, I get the answer one should be quite careful to initiate a significant change, like moving to a new city, not to speak of a new country, without proper inner permission. Such a change could be a real boon, but also a catastrophe.

So, for now, I try to be content, wherever I am, it does not matter where, as long as there is no friction to working hard and be cheerful. It is nice, of course, to have central heating, hot water and a proper room to work, but 2 years proved those are not indispensable.

Our work seems to proceed, intensity seems to be steady, serving opportunities abound. So, I am quite hesitant to bring any change at the moment. I would do it immediately, though, if it would increase work and intensity in a stable manner.

Many times during his life Swami Vivekananda quoted the proverb «It is better to wear out than rust out». May our intensity increase all the time, as heart-intensity I badly need, always and ever-more.