«Work harder», and effort

When asked how to proceed with Vasudeva Server activities (February 2007), Sri Chinmoy said, «Work harder and harder.»

I personally feel «harder and harder» also meant «with ever-increasing effort».

One cannot grow muscles effortlessly. Even an advanced weightlifting athlete must put effort in his training, if he really cares to grow more and better muscles.

He may be dreading lift exercises, but those are the things needed to become better. Growing muscle needs effort and feels like much hard work, because it is much hard work.

The same if one wish to read or study a particularly dense book, he knows he will have to focus, tune everything else out, and read slowly, word by word, trying to understand and make sense.

If one wants to write documentation that will be meaningful to others, he will have to distill his thoughts, writing them down for others to use. That is a lot of effort, thinking and rewriting.

The same for designing, programming, typesetting, sysadmin.

So, let us go and serve without shying away from effort.

Let us leave «effortless» to others.

Let us make all of those things that demand effort our heart-friends along the way.