Internet’s more revealing name

Save rare exceptions, I read from websites only when we need to study subjects to fulfill our duties: a small list of technology sites by experts on security, sysadmin and IT architecture realms.

These experts are a bit of an ethereal bunch, but still rooted in very practical reality.

I have been comforted in finding that to all these perceptive people the internet is a scary, dangerous place, that should be used the least possible.

That is so close to what we have been taught by spiritual Masters.

A common wisdom among those experts is to never use the plain word «internet», as it belies its exceptional dangers, but rather use a moniker closer to its reality, like «the naked scary internet».

The internet is a hostile force, actively undermining and destroying the very spirit of mankind.

I like their advice. From now on, I shall call the internet with its more revealing name, the naked scary internet.

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Last update: 2017-09-29