Security, email and doing the right thing

An essential topic: security.

Vasudeva Server was created to be all about security.

A delicate topic: email.

[To clarify, our own MMS system is email, albeit on a private space.]

We should not use email, but rather rely on heart-to-heart, or human-to-human, communications. But for some specific purposes, email is the only way to be of service.

Still, web-based email systems are electronic minefields. Also, HTML messages can be very dangerous.

It’s not just about not using Gmail, Yahoo mail and similar services, since they are real hostile forces.

It is also desktop-computer-based email programs like Outlook or Apple Mail display messages in the same unsafe way.

The only safe email is text-only email. Safe email is plain-text email – showing only the plain words of the message exactly as they arrived, without embedded links or images.

HTML email, or webmail, may be convenient to advertisers, and lets one write good-looking emails with images and nice fonts. But carries with it serious danger, because a webpage (or an email) can too easily show one thing but do another.

That is why email should be set to text-only not only in Vasudeva Server Team’s personal computers, but even on our internal MMS.

One of Vasudeva Server core duties is security, a duty we must take seriously even in email and MMS.