Dedicated helpers

Exactly fifteen years ago, on 24 February 2002 Sri Chinmoy started a monumental project which he named Vasudeva Server.

We had the unimaginable good fortune to be asked to serve in that project.

Sri Chinmoy asked to aim at the highest standard on all fronts, including the technological side: Museum-level archiving, IT architecture, system administration, system development, security, etc.

We were faced with daunting challenges since the beginning. We asked if we could hire professionals, which we could supervise.

Sri Chinmoy said, «No, you are my dedicated helpers. Over time you will surpass professionals. You will surprise yourself.»

Today, exactly fifteen years since the beginning, I am still striving to grow in the role Sri Chinmoy invested us with.

Even with a degree in Computer Science Engineering I feel I am still an absolute beginner.

On the other side, looking at the progress made, I wonder at how prophetic those words were.