Sri Chinmoy considered his plays about the Avatars as among his most important work.

They are going to be published in Ganapati Press’ «The Works of Sri Chinmoy» series (aka «White Book» series), in 2018.

The Plays volume will include all of plays written by Sri Chinmoy over the years:

Avatar Title Year
Sri Rama My Rama is my all 1973
Sri Krishna Singer of the eternal Beyond 1973
Lord Buddha Siddhartha becomes the Buddha 1973
The Christ The Son 1973
Lord Gauranga Lord Gauranga, Love incarnate 1973
Sri Ramakrishna Drink, drink, my Mother’s Nectar 1973
Sri Aurobindo The Descent of the Blue 1962
  Mother, give me the Light of Knowledge 1973
  Matsyendranath and Gorakshanath, two spiritual lions 1974
  The heart of a holy man 1973
  The disciple illumines the Master 1973
  A supreme sacrifice 1973
  The sacred fire 1975
  Deshabandhu, Bengal beloved friend 2000

For bibliography citation:

  • Sri Chinmoy, Plays, Ganapati Press, Oxford, 2018