Mistakes along the way

We started working on the Store in earnest in early 2002.

It is difficult to convey the tremendous amount of energy and focus we were gifted with. Although we still work 10 hours a day, in those days 18 hours were the normality.

But with a difference: one of those hours was carrying the weight and work-fulfilment of a whole day of current times.

I am saying this only trying to express the very quick progress we did then.

In a few years we went through such a vast amount of experience.

Experience is necessarily based on mistakes and failures. Those are so important.

Mistakes and failures are fine, as long as they are not the same, repeated over and over again. Then it becomes troublesome.

One such mistake, being repeated over and over, is for us serving the Store’s goals from our human point of view.

We try to serve and fulfil our duties from the human perspective of a programmer, cataloguer, database specialist, webmaster or any of the skills we were given.

But that is a mistake, since we have been called to serve from the perspective of the Store itself, not ours. One could say, the Store for the Store’s sake.

Even more, we have been called to serve each and every single Unit of the Store, as each one is its own unique, individual soul.

Although computers can be utilised as tools on the way to the goal, the Store is meant for human users, with absolutely no computer requirements.

That is, the final Store user, the seeker to come, must be able to use the Store just relying on his hands, his eyes and his ears.

A significant mistake we have been recurring into more often than others is to overlay the Store with computer-related infrastructure, to make it «easy» for the developer, webmaster, archivist or whomever need to manipulate the Store according to his own needs of the time.

Unfortunately, that pollutes the Store with artificial by-products that slowly leave sediment cruft, difficult to remove later on.

And, much worse, it also imposes a perspective on the Store, a way-of-seeing the Store as the current developer feels it should be seen and interpreted.

It mars the Store with the pretense and affectation that each individual, with his own human perspective imposes on its surrounding.

Since this mistake has been coming back again and again, that seems to be the greatest danger we are facing now and in the future.

That mistake of ours, of wrong perception, wrong attitude and wrong approach, if not corrected once and for all, will alter the Store in subtle yet radical ways, ultimately nullifying our efforts and destroying our goal.

Needless to say, it must be corrected.

FG 236

To err is natural, but to continue is unnatural, unthinkable and unforgivable.

FG: SRI CHINMOY, Flame-Goal, New York, Agni Press, 1971.

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