The Store, a living repository

Recently we realised how Sri Chinmoy never seemed to have used the word «archive» in a prominent way, also with Vasudeva Server, although he used the word «store» several times.

Surpisingly, even in his writings, it seems «archive» is mentioned only once (at least at this gathering stage), in AP 23673:

Although I am totally lost within them,
My Lord Supreme tells me
That He has practically no interest
In my mind’s archives.

Sri Chinmoy uses the word «repository» twice. Numerous times he uses the word «store», sometimes with meaning of «shop», sometimes with meaning of «place where precious things are deposited in large amount to be preserved», like:

«In God’s Store»
«God’s Vision-Store»
«The heart-department store»
«To be an endless store»
«God’s Compassion-Store»
«God’s Satisfaction-Store»

In that sense, to the inner ear the word «store» sounds like «archive», but more alive, and with a broader sense of «repository».

It seemed all right to use word «archive» with the Library project, as «archive» sounds fine with that particular digital application.

Yet, it feels wrong to describe our over-arching project of preservation with the same name.

As one friend, with a very keen inner ear, said (quote):

«The word archive, in my opinion, appears to represent works that are stagnant, dead or somehow inaccessible. Just think of its past tense.

Also, often the word archive refers more to unpublished, one of a kind, inaccessible or unique work in preservation, unlike those in books found publicly in a library, shop or store.

To me, that meaning of archive is the opposite of the intimate life breath & heart found ever present in Sri Chinmoy’s writings: boundless, endless and infinite. Always present.

For this reason the use of the word archive in my opinion seems outside of Sri Chinmoy’s touch, which is alive, forever present, and not ‘archived’.

Although the word store perhaps fall short by dignified human terms, however it does represent well the intimate reality Sri Chinmoy experienced as alive in the present. Now!

This distinction to me falls in the divinely, properly accurate, unique and lofty hyphenated-understanding of language Sri Chinmoy offered us.»

We agree with that soulful perspective.

Instead of «archive», it seems the name Sri Chinmoy Store better portrays the spirit and essence of the project, with the meaning, «The living repository where all things related to Sri Chinmoy are alive and thrive.»

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