Store spaces and guidelines

The Store can be seen as 7 spaces/datasets:

  1. audio (both speech and music)
  2. disciple (anything related to disciples’ activities)
  3. local (anything in the process of being worked upon)
  4. picture (photographs, art, etc)
  5. song (scores and abc text files)
  6. text (writings)
  7. video

Note: The name «picture» is preferred over to «photograph»

Note: It is better use name of category as singular. The name would answer the question: «what kind of document is inside this space/folder?»

Initial guideline:

  • keep structure as flat as possible
  • keep original sources where possible
  • keep original grouping, if make sense

For name of files/folders

  • always lowercase
  • never use spaces, use hyphen instead
  • underscore separate different functrional part of name

Example: «sound-of-silence_2007_cd_synthesiser» Not, «Sound of Silence -2007 – (cd) synthesiser»

[store-12. Store spaces and guidelines, last update 2017-12-05]