Using org macros in store-text

The textual part of the §Store (store-text) uses org-syntax.

Macros in org-syntax allow us to add text or code to a document that will be expanded during export.

The text between the 3 pairs of accolades {{{ ... }}} is expanded so that readers can see it in the exported versions of the document.

Vasudeva Server uses macros to construct complex HTML or LaTeX code.

Using macros allows us to insert dynamic content or add extra functionality in exports of the Store’s org-based text files, while intruding the least possible way with the original text.

Macros can be invoked anywhere in the document (even in code or VERSE blocks).


  • With no arguments:
  • With arguments:

Macros used


#+MACRO: newline @@latex:\hspace{0pt}\\@@ @@html:<br>@@

Notice the zero-width space before the double backslash. Without it, one has to be mindful of where he uses the

If the \\ ends at the beginning of a line, LaTeX will complain about not being a line to terminate.

This is taken care by inserting the zero width space and doing so should have no impact on other uses of the macro.

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