Role of bibliography

The bibliography database is one of the pillars of the §Store.

It lists published and unpublished publications.

Usually, a bibliography contains mostly published titles. In our case, given the special nature of the works of Sri Chinmoy, most of the bibliography entries are unpublished titles.

Even in case of a series published a book at a time, we need to be able to refer to it as a whole, self-standing series, independently from its past publications.

As an example, let us consider Ten thousand Flower-Flames.

As a series of published books, each book will have its reference-key a.k.a refkey, i.e. FF-1, FF-2, etc.

The series needs to be referenced as a whole too.

In that case, its reference key will be simply FF, which means:

FF: Sri Chinmoy, Ten thousand Flower-Flames (vols 1-100), Agni Press, New York, 1979-1983  

The Store uses an entry like above as the main reference, not the records of each individual part.

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