Ubuntu 16.04 is out, with built-in ZFS support

Ubuntu 16.04 is out, and it sports built-in ZFS. It can also be installed as ZFS-on-root.

As far as I know, it is the first Linux distro that can do that. Up until now, afaik, only Solaris, Illumos, and FreeBSD were able to be installed like that.

Other new good features:

  • LXD
  • Snaps installations

But ZFS is the real big news.

I shall test it in a few weeks. Because of some reported issues, I think I will wait for 16.04.1 to come out.

Hopefully they will make this into a script:


2016-05-08 Update:

I have now spent several days testing it. Unfortunately, ZFS support is still primitive. For now, basically not dependable for serious use.

As a general feeling, I was disappointed by Canonical’s efforts. It seems they are heading the way of Apple, which had a wonderful OS, 10.6, and clipped its features to make it fit into phones.

On the other hand, FreeBSD 11 promises to be a very significant release, porting base system to pkg, upgrading linux kernel compatibility, ZFS boot environments. Jail system is still unparalleled, and the firewall choices excellent.

Also, Bhyve allows virtualisation of any OS (lWindows included), not just FreeBSD or Linux, which means a lot.

The bottom line: I shall wait for September, and test thoroughly FreeBSD 11. By that time, Ubuntu will be 16.04.1, for a possible another test.

PS: One may want to see part of this, (starting at 27:55), it matches our experience (for now):