Service logbook

2018-01 and 2018-02

  • January and February need to be dedicated to outside work to repay EUR 2000 loan for extra expenses in November:
    • extra RAM, extra MB, extra storage for 2 server builds (EUR 440+360+480=EUR 1280)
    • unplanned trip expense late October (EUR 844)


  • Building, testing and OS install of new Store server,


  • Building, testing and OS install of new Store server,
    • note: vsm stands for «virtual store machinery»
  • Finalise Store structure and Samba shares
  • Vasudeva Server Workshop, Salzburg


  • 6-day trip (extra expense: EUR 844)
  • Move to new place (1 week)
  • First draft of STORE core framework. It requires Python 3.6, later it will leverage Django 2 (just coming out).
  • Start typesetting Sri Chinmoy’s Plays.


The Plays typesetting project is probably going to be one of the more challenging.

Since there is so much to be done, I am focussing on STORE core also to be useful to Ganapati Press’s typesetting, and possibly anybody that will wish to make web sites.

That will make it a bit longer, but fruiful to more projects.

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